PLA Based Plastics

In 2015, we started to deal with the development of the PLA biologically degradable plastic in respect of heat tolerance, flow properties, flame resistance, fiber reinforcement,
impact resistance, foamability glazing, dyeability and sunlight resistance.

The biopolymer starts with the plants

This revolutionary bioplastic is composed of the long molecular chains of polymeric polylactide.
It comes from naturally occurring sugar.

PLA is made from dextrose (sugar), which comes from arable maize grown to many industrial and functional end-users.
In North America, corn was first used as this is the most economically available source of vegetable starch.


After the creation of biopolymers, our partners transform them into innovative products.

Several options for worn out things

The products made of biopolymers are industrially compostable.
The decomposition process takes place under appropriate conditions (temperature, bacteria).